The Auction Method

Why Sell Real Estate At Auction?

PRICE – competitive bidding offers you the opportunity to have all the available offers presented at one time in a competitive situation and possibly receive more than you would have asked at private treaty.

TIMING – you are able to select your auction date and have the benefit of planning accordingly. No problem with the indecision of considering one offer at a time, double mortgage payments, or commuting to the new job location during the week and coming home on the weekends while waiting to sell. Your excess personal property can be sold at the same time.

PLANNING – you are able to make a commitment for the new house or sign an apartment lease or prepare to move.

MARKETING – by knowing the specific date of the auction MANITOU AUCTIONS, is able to expose your property fully within the specific time period allotted prior to the auction.

REPRESENTATION – MANITOU AUCTIONS, works as seller’s agent only in trying to arrive at the highest and best price for your property. After the agreement of sale is signed, we represent both parties in an effort to facilitate settlement and completion of the transaction.

RECORD – MANITOU AUCTIONS closes more than 90% of all real estate auctions listed.


1. Our auctions ARE a modern marketing technique that employs the use of full market exposure leading to a specific day when competitive bidding obtains an excellent cash result without delay.

2. MANITOU AUCTIONS provides a complete Auction Service to relieve the sellers from the burdens of selling their property from the signing of the auction agreement until settlement.

3. We will show property by appointment.

4. We will conduct open houses.

5. For real estate auctions, we provide due diligence packages for bidders to insure all material facts pertaining to the property are disclosed.

6. We handle all phases of the advertising and promotion campaign.

7. We handle sub-divisions.

8. MANITOU AUCTIONS has a trained Estate Specialist on staff.

9. Auctioneers in America transact more business (total dollars) on a daily basis than the New York Stock Exchange, which itself is a form of the auction method.